5 Ways Real Digital Agencies Use AI Content Creation

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AI Content Creation

Ever wondered how other digital agencies consistently dish out engaging, high-quality content? Well, it’s not magic – it’s artificial intelligence. AI content creation for producing numerous forms of content has rapidly become a go-to for content marketers looking to engage their clients’ audiences more frequently.

52% of businesses are currently using AI content generation tools as part of their content marketing strategy, while 64.7% will have tried it by the end of 2023. And why wouldn’t they? From interesting topic ideas and structuring skeleton drafts to enhancing SEO with clever keyword clusters – AI content creation is shaking things up by providing fresh perspectives and streamlining workflows!

With this rapid rise in popularity and both marketers and businesses recognizing the value AI has to offer, the technologies, tools, and strategies have become crucial for digital agencies to adopt. Nowadays, content is king, and writers and designers who need to deliver consistent, engaging content are benefiting significantly from this advent of new technology in the digital space.

AI offers solutions to some of the primary challenges in content creation. With advanced algorithms and vast data processing capabilities, these smart tools can churn out interesting ideas in seconds. From generating fresh topics for blog posts to creating video scripts – digital marketing agencies are harnessing the efficiency of automated systems while retaining human creativity for an effective blend.

In this article, we will uncover the most significant ways businesses are using AI to enhance their content creation process. Let’s dive in!

Table Of Contents:

1. AI Content Creation Topic Generation

Idea generation is the first step in any content creation process. 

Marketers must consistently come up with engaging content topics for numerous mediums – videos, blog posts, social posts, scripts, product descriptions, podcasts, and more. However, many of them battle to consistently generate new content ideas for multiple clients, especially after many years. This is where AI content creation tools come in to save the day.

AI tools offer a fresh perspective to the process, which is why many digital agencies are using them to research and generate interesting content topic ideas today. These AI content creation tools can analyze user behavior data and trending industry insights to predict what kind of topics will resonate with audiences.

When creative block sets in, many agencies leverage AI writing tools like ChatGPT or Jaspers AI to generate ideas for engaging their clients’ social media communities. Another AI content creation tool proving useful to digital agencies is Answer The Public, which harnesses the power of AI and machine learning algorithms to provide insight into the questions users commonly ask around specific keywords or subjects. Insight like this helps marketers understand what kind of topics to cover in their content, such as articles or videos, to answer these questions and engage potential buyers.

The AI tools take into account your client’s brand’s tone of voice, past successful content themes, and current market trends helping you deliver tailored content specifically for your client’s needs. 

AI Content Creation

Another area where digital agencies are leveraging AI content generator tools is for structuring and breaking down different types of media. No matter the medium, every content piece starts with a solid structure and with a firm grasp of the topic, AI can help you construct this fundamental skeleton.

The Role of High-Quality Prompts

Prompts play a pivotal role in the AI content creation process. 

They communicate to the system, guiding it towards generating meaningful and relevant outputs. If your prompts are unclear, the AI content tools won’t produce quality content suggestions. Creating these prompts requires finesse, and importantly, an understanding of your client’s target audience.

You could leverage audience analysis with various tools such as Google Analytics or Facebook Insights to generate quality prompts, which offer detailed demographic data about users who interact with your client’s website or social media profiles.

Achieving Success with Content Breakdowns

If you hope to succeed in generating solid content breakdowns, you must focus on setting clear goals at the start so that each section serves its purpose effectively. This process includes providing context for each subheading and ensuring they collectively deliver value to readers while meeting SEO requirements. 

If you need help with generating relevant headlines, AI tools can help you here too. Here are some prompt ideas you can use in any AI tool to start getting great results!

2. Automatic Content Generation

AI writing tools have put remarkable advances in content creation in motion, particularly regarding producing first drafts from scratch Now, digital agencies and writers are automatically generating fully written content pieces for any medium – from video scripts and podcasts to product descriptions and blogs.

The benefit of this automation is that you as the agency unlock more time by not spending countless hours developing rough drafts.

Your writers can instead focus on bringing the AI-generated words to life, refining and editing the automatically generated draft, ensuring it aligns with your client’s brand voice and message. 

Making Copywriting Efficient

Content is king and in 2023 speed matters! But speed should never come at the cost of quality, creativity, or most importantly, accuracy.

Rather than replacing your writers, AI is providing them with means to do their jobs more efficiently and quickly. By handling most heavy-lifting tasks like researching data points or creating basic narrative structures – AI can free up time for the creative aspects of writing. And if you’re concerned about AI’s role in the content creation and content writing process, don’t worry! 

High-quality generated content always has one thing in common – it’s refined and primarily produced for quality assurance by expert human writers and designers, whether it’s a social media post, a product description, long-form content, or ad copy.

According to Content Marketing Institute, “AI-generated content has improved, but it won’t replace human content creators any time soon.”

3. Keyword Research & Clustering

Digital agencies have started to use AI to enhance their clients’ content SEO strategies. With tools, your agency can seamlessly pinpoint the most relevant keywords and supporting keywords on the topic, ensuring all content is highly targeted.

Traditionally, keyword research was a time-consuming manual process. With AI-powered content tools, this process is significantly fast-tracked, not stopping at just identifying the best possible keywords, but taking a step further by creating keyword clusters from the primary keyword for your client’s content strategies. 

AI tools for content creation have sped up the integral process of keyword research and clustering for marketers, saving both time and money.

4. The Five Pillars of Social Media Management and AI

AI’s role in social media management has become indispensable. From crafting catchy posts to scheduling them for optimal engagement, AI helps digital agencies globally manage their client’s social media with greater efficiency and consistency. 

In essence, there are five crucial aspects where AI offers a hand in streamlining social media management:

  • Content Curation: By analyzing user behavior and interests, AI can generate relevant social media content ideas that resonate with your audience.
  • Scheduling Posts: To ensure maximum reach and engagement, timing is key. Here too, AI plays a significant role by determining when your client’s audience is most active online to ensure they see the new social media content.
  • Audience Engagement: Interacting with followers becomes easier as some tools use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to respond accurately to comments or messages on a social media post.
  • Data Analysis: Through data-driven insights from likes or shares on different platforms, you can fine-tune strategies accordingly.
  • Ad Targeting: By processing large volumes of consumer data, machine learning algorithms help craft personalized ad campaigns that resonate with audiences.

A recent study by Insider Intelligence showed that 58% of marketers whose companies use generative AI for content creation said increased performance is the top benefit.

Innovative Tools for Social Media Management with AI

Some of the best AI content creation tools in 2023, such as Hootsuite, Buffer, and Sprout Social, integrate machine-learning algorithms that make managing multiple accounts easier than before. These AI content creation marketing tools help analyze performance metrics, automate posts, track conversations, and more.

While adopting new technology into your client’s content strategy may seem daunting at first, remember that it’s about enhancing human creativity rather than replacing it. Embrace this change because when used right, artificial intelligence can be a powerful ally.

However, implementing these technologies into your client’s content strategy requires resources – from finances to manpower – which can be undoable for smaller agencies. If you relate to this or you simply want to scale your agency sustainably, outsourcing is a fantastic option – one that many agencies today opt for to best serve their clients.

A white label AI-enhanced agency can offer AI and marketing specialist teams, driving advanced technology without you facing the burden of spending additional resources setting it up internally. It’s certainly a viable option to consider when implementing new and unfamiliar strategies into your agency’s toolkit, especially to drive positive results promptly. 

AI Content Creation

4. Plagiarism & AI Detection

Plagiarism is the number one factor that can hurt a brand’s reputation and SEO in the digital age. 

The second? Search engines can detect that content has not been edited after being generated by AI, resulting in robotic, unengaging content. Ironically, advanced AI tools step in to lend a helping hand to mitigate these issues.

Grammarly, an AI-powered tool that offers a free plan, is widely used for grammar and plagiarism checking – crucial to ensuring the content performs well according to search engine SEO standards. Other tools, such as Content @ Scale work wonders for detecting AI-written content from any AI writing assistant, helping writers gauge where they need to edit to create high-quality content for clients.

This combination of grammar correction and plagiarism detection enables digital agencies to create high-quality work that resonates with readers while complying with search engine algorithms.

Master AI for Content Creation with FACTS

Mastering AI for content creation becomes a whole lot easier with the right strategy in place. Our recommendation is the FACTS strategy – and we will explain why in a moment. This unique approach empowers digital agencies to generate top-tier content with efficiency and precision while streamlining the approach. 

The FACTS strategy is a roadmap that balances the benefits of AI with the uniquely human aspects of content creation.

Facts: Check Accuracy

Accurate content is the backbone of any successful content strategy. Therefore,  before you continue any further, you must first fact-check your AI-enhanced written work. Doing so offers multiple benefits, including building trust with your client’s audience, establishing the brand as a reliable resource, driving long-term success, and encouraging engagement – all positives for SEO and revenue!

Attitude: Prioritize Personality

Accurately capturing the right tone for your client’s brand is essential for engaging their audience. Nobody wants to engage with content that sounds robotic – a common downfall of 100% AI content. While AI can potentially capture and convey a brand’s writing style, it needs an expert writer to truly mirror a unique personality and perspective. 

Therefore, when editing your AI-generated content, ensure to add human-like nuances in the form of conversational tone, questions, and humour to ensure the content resonates.

Creativity: Include Uniqueness

The writer’s creativity is what gives the content that unique zest, making it stand out from other content pieces covering similar topics. Creativity can come in many forms such as storytelling, thought-provoking ideas and questions, or an unconventional spin on things. 

These qualities are what will hook the reader from the first paragraph and guide them to the end of the content and to the point of call-to-action.

Tune-Up: The Writer’s Finesse

The writer’s finesse is where a keen eye and an intuitive understanding of language nuances are needed to add the final layer of perfection. This is the phase where good content becomes exceptional content, and although AI is brilliant at developing a rough draft, its lack of understanding of language finesse will leave the content feeling dry and uninteresting.

SEO: Ensure Optimization

Last on the list – you can finally tackle SEO optimization – ensuring all written work performs well online via targeted keyword selection, meta-tagging, and compliance. Content optimization is undoubtedly the most important step but without the above stages, the content’s SEO would subsequently suffer.


The power of AI content creation cannot be overstated for digital agencies seeking to streamline the process and spark fresh ideas. 

From topic generation and breakdowns to developing compelling social media posts and long-form content pieces – these vital yet time-intensive tasks are made simpler with the help of generative AI.  

If your agency is looking for a boost in efficiency and creativity by adopting– look no further than generative AI tools. However, as mentioned, many agencies don’t have the time or resources to spend on integrating new technology and systems, which is where outsourcing is highly valuable. 

Outsourcing a white label AI-powered resource partner is a viable way to leverage cutting-edge tech and practices to enhance deliverables while scaling your agency. 

If this sounds like something you need, look no further than the expert team at AI-Enabled Agency. We can start you off with a free trial to test these services, valued at $1000. Simply book a free strategy session with our team to begin. 

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